Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Connecting to that which has always been hidden inside to connect to your true essence - joy, peace, freedom and love

Course Summary

As we work through what is buried within the subconscious going through Breathwork, Reiki and Body Code session. These lessons are here to support you and guide you between our 1:1 virtual sessions every week for 12 weeks. We will be connecting with your breath to move through any stuck areas in your life so you are able to walk away feeling authentically you. So you are able to love yourself, trust yourself and know everything you need is already within you.

Course Curriculum

Elisha Greenleaf

Elisha Mae Greenleaf is an International Best Selling Author of Divinity Speaks, Founder of Bee the Glow, Bonus Mom and Integrative Wellness Coach!

She leads women who are experiencing anxiety to feel heard, seen and learn to trust your own innate healing wisdom to break cycles of dis-ease and transform generational trauma, to find greater inner and outer peace. - which translates to less frustration and overwhelm at life.

Her sessions are a type of self-care that stays with you for days. She helps restore and transform along with teaching you how to not get so beaten up by everyday life. You don’t need to spend hours or years learning how to do it; she walks you through a simple process so you get results and relief immediately.

She lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her partner in life, Tank who is a magician. In her spare time you will find her meditating, dancing, out in nature, most likely at the Desert Botanical Gardens or traveling to somewhere that has yummy organic plant based food or vanilla cupcakes. Oh and petting dogs everywhere she goes, especially if it's a shih tzu!!


"I am so grateful I invested in myself and took the Awaken Your Inner Goddess course. It changed my life. We worked on areas that I thought I had released in my mind but my body told a different story. Learning many techniques to use after my time with Elisha has been so supportive as well. I highly recommend you invest in yourself and sign up today. You will be so happy you did."

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